The vast range of writing and notice boards available today

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Gone are the days, when blackboards were the only board form available on earth. Today is the time for various new inventions and multiple writing boards are now available in the market. Blackboards because of their inconvenience were very earlier almost replaced by other boards, though still found in schools and some colleges. There are many other substitutes available for it now like whiteboards, pin boards, etc.

Different varieties of Boards

These days, several writing, drawing and notice boards are obtainable in the market. Some of them being the magnetic whiteboards, fabric pin board, lockable notice boards, etc. Even, there are also present various forms of these above board types, the example being mobile magnetic whiteboard, large magnetic whiteboard, etc. Magnetic whiteboards are made of magnetic ferromagnetic substance with particularly painted light surfaces which does not require chalks to write on it and thus is more easy and hygienic. Suitable markers or pens are used. On the pin boards, the content, whether photo, circular, notice, is attached using the pins.

Specifications of these boards

  1. Mobile magnetic whiteboard-
  • It is double sided movable board, seated on a lightweight well built aluminium frame, consisting of four huge castors or wheels.
  • It is flexible and adjusts according to the needs of user.
  1. Large magnetic whiteboard-
  • It is also magnetic boards but is of large size.
  • They come in various sizes, like of 90*60 cm or 89*51 cm. The customer can buy the size as per their requirement.
  1. Fabric pin board-
  • It is another variety of board on which nothing is written directly using pens or markers but the matter is displayed using pins.
  • These boards come in variety of colors and designs as they are made using different fabrics.
  • It is much more attractive than regular boards and can be used at homes also for decoration purposes.


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