A Quick Guide to Buying an Office Notice Board

Here is a quick guide to office notice boards, what to opt to for and how getting to grips with this super inexpensive and simple addition to the office in order to boost your business’s productivity and communication.

Buying on the High Street vs. Buying Online

Whatever the type of notice board(s) you are looking to buy, all kinds can be picked up both online and from high street stationary and office supply stores. Hence, there really is no excuse for doing without this simple yet effective and integral piece of office equipment.

Whether to buy online or on the high street though is a matter of preference. Many of those tasked with purchasing an office notice board opt to simply head out to the high street and pick one off the shelves via the likes of Ryman’s. The benefits of doing this is of course that you can return instantly with your purchase and get too using it then and there.

For offices looking to make the most of their office budget though, it is often a far better idea to shop online via a UK supplier such as Notice Boards Online. Whilst providing, in most cases, far more variety and choice than the average office and stationary supply store, shopping online also negates the need to leave the office at all, makes discussing potential options amongst the office team far easier and of course the chosen board(s) is then delivered straight to you.

Further, buying online from a company which do not operate on the high street is often a savvy means of saving money as exclusively on line retailers by being such save themselves a lot of overheads and expenditures and pass these savings directly onto their customers.

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White Boards vs. Glass Boards

Whilst most offices really on the humble white board, there is a rising trend of offices opting instead to make use of more ‘showy’ and aesthetically impressive glass boards such as those sold via Boards Direct.

Glass notice boards are heavier, more expensive and require more cleaning than white boards. Why then are offices opting to purchase them over the humble white board? In almost all cases the answer is a solitary one; glass boards are more aesthetically pleasing and impressive. Then, in offices in which clients visit or meet staff and in offices which champion a certain ‘look’, glass boards help to create and maintain this veneer.

Meanwhile, for offices more concerned with simply impressing clients and the businesses with which they collaborate or work via by showcasing their output and the quality of their work and services, it is a far more cost effective and sensible option to stick to using white boards.

Whilst not as ‘pretty’ to look at, white boards also feature the added bonus that they do not produce the same level of glare. This not only makes them easier to use and read, but enables staff to use their phones and the likes to snap pictures of any relevant information contained on a board.

Felt Boards vs. Cork Boards

There is in fact very little difference between felt and cork boards. A felt board, in essence, is simply a cork notice board which features an overlay of felt material. The felt provides numerous advantages over a standard cork board though.

As well as adding a layer of added protection to a cork surface and as such making a pin board style notice board more hardwearing, felt is also a durable material which comes in a wealth of vivid colours. Hence, felt boards are a fantastic type of notice board to opt for within an office that requires the use of a pin board, or several.

Opting to purchase a choice of wall-mountable felt boards in differing colours is by far the most simple and effective means of differentiating between the different uses separate pin boards are used for. In a nut shell, this maximises communication by minimising potential confusion, which in turn boosts in-office productivity.

Magnetic Boards vs. Non-Magnetic Boards

Magnetic white boards are standard white boards which have been backed with an additional layer of sheet metal. This, in turn, endows an otherwise humble white board with a magnetic surface.

Many offices opt not to bother with magnetic boards. Often used by sports coaches and the likes to strategise ahead of games using magnetic counters as players, there is seldom much perceived need for offices to fork out the extra money in order to have a white board which features a magnetic surface. Further, whilst magnetic counters and accessories can be used in place of pins to affix papers and memos to a white board surface these are raely as effective or strong as simply making use of a felt pin board and at worst can obscure and prevent any memos or information written directly onto a white board surface from being seen or noticed.

That said, there is scope in some instances to make use of a magnetic white board. For offices which require a dynamic and versatile pin-turned-white board, a magnetic board is definitely the most sensible and inexpensive solution. Further, with magnetic tape and a whole range of different magnetic accessories being available today and via the likes of the First 4 Magnets Online Store, this does provide scope for offices in need of a temporary weekly planner or visually straightforward chart the ability to create one without having to draw up their own or invest in the addition of a white board planner, which cannot of course be altered to suit an offices specific needs.

More Information

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